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- Locations:Vancouver, British Columbia - Calgary and Banff, Alberta -Saskatoon and Prince Albert, Saskatchewan - Winnipeg, Manitoba -


Providing charter and rental bus transportation across Canada and to United States, Getaway Canada Vacations makes it easy to find the best rate and equipment for your group. Considering booking an airport transfer, a one way trip or a beautiful sightseeing tour of Canada or the United States get a quote for the best rate directly from a bus company and save.

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 Vancouver, BC, Canada

 Calgary, Banff,  AB, Canada

 Saskatoon, Prince Albert, SK, Canada

 Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Canada is well known for its stunning natural beauty and Canadian hockey, but is also famous for its cosmopolitan multicultural cities and high quality of life. Beautiful country to travel and explore. Rich with holidays. Canada is known for other things like Canada maple syrup, Canada ice wine, cleanliness, communication industry, Canadian Fishing and hunting natural resources. Improving in technology on regular basis. Canada is also well known for quality post secondary education having university in each province.